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Timberline uses 100% US based agents, and offers services in Spanish and English.  Request more information below!


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About Us


Timberline Total Solutions, (Timberline) ᅠprovides a full range of ᅠcall center support services all located within the United States.   Timberline offers excellent quality, consistency and reliably regardless of the size or duration of the programs from national, international, large or small businesses we support. ᅠTimberline builds its success from a thorough understanding of the numerous products, services, promotions and alternatives that enables parallel representation of internal operations and KPI’s.  Timberline communicates the message clearly and consistently. These positive effects in customer interaction lead to a higher level of satisfaction and loyalty from brand performance.


Program management is critical to ensure awareness and success and not everyone is in the same time zone, so it’s assuring to know you can call a representative day or night to discuss your program as part of our commitment.


Timberline invested heavily in state of the art technology, enabling support and compliance across all metrics efficiently.


Our commitment to industry compliance, customer quality, and client satisfaction means we bring a well trained staff, the latest technology, and decades of experience in customer interactions. ᅠTimberline knows how to develop the solutions to meet and exceed your goals. No matter what program you are looking to create, over-flow, or simply outsource, there is no company delivering on all cylinders better than Timberline.


Multi-lingual Capability


Timberline employs a highly trained staff conversant in a variety of languages. Drawing on a culturally diverse population, we are able to offer quality representatives in a number of different languages dependent upon the requirements of your program.