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Timberline has been a responsible provider of service to our clients by being a strong proponent and consistent follower of the ever-changing guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communication Commission and the Consumer Financal Protection Bureau.


Timberline is committed to maintaining compliance as we navigate thru the complexities of these guidelines by employing legal professionals to research and evaluate existing Federal and State legislation, follow legislative trends, and review all of Timberline’s internal processes. These actions ensure Timberline is adhering to industry rules, thereby protecting our clients while providing valuable services.


For our part, Timberline is committed to be compliant and keep your image and our image with your customers a positive one. In today's competitive, complex and litigious business world, smart businesses recognize the need to align themselves with the most reliable, competent, and knowledgeable provider. Timberline possesses the expertise needed for businesses to succeed while maintaining compliance in this essential and mission critical area.


Timberline's expectation that consumers be satisfied from their contact experience also sets us apart from our competition. In certain cases a consumer just doesn’t want a call from any call center. In these situations, Timberline returns to our client for their privacy marking up, all DNC requests. In addition, Timberline maintains this list for our client with its own provider. This is important for two very critical reasons:


• With DNC (Do Not Call) having such a tremendous impact on available numbers to call, it is critical to protect Existing Business Relationships so the customer is available for future opportunities.


• Even though the information is returned to our client once a consumer does make a privacy request, we go one step further and retain the record internally for our client to be evaluated against any future program, which protect our clients from any possible errors and DNC violations.


Before any outbound list is called,  a DNC check is made. From the remaining records, we perform a cell phone scrub to split the list between cell phones and land line. Land lines are dialed thru the dialer. Cell phones are dialed 1 to 1 not using the dialer unless the client has “express written consent” from the consumer authorizing calling the number thru the dialer.


The methodologies are designed to protect all parties and prevent disruption with your database. We stress making each contact with your customers a positive one, and that enables Timberline to consistently return to our clients the lowest DNC and privacy requests in the industry with the fewest amount of complaints.