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Timberline uses 100% US based agents, and offers services in Spanish and English.  Request more information below!


Customer Care

Market Research

Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Product Sales

Customer Retention

Political Calling


Creative Contact Services


Every program has a unique element of creativity involved in delivering the maximum level of success to our client. Just as the creative elements from an inbound or outbound program have certain "if - then" situational drivers, so to exists the need for additional and creative ways to enhance our clients' ways of communicating and interacting with their customers.


Support Services


• Chat Support - Agents address the online customer service needs to customers via chat

• Web Collaboration - Allows a Timberline agent and a customer to link their browsers and collaboratively browse the Web

• E-Mail Management - Agents reply to customer's inquiries with quick, informative and precise responses

• Monitoring Services - Supervisors listen to and evaluate live or recorded calls and provide quality, effective feedback

• Retention Service / Customer Service

• All Back Office Functions - Timberline possesses the resources and flexibility to fulfill numerous back office functions

• Web Call Back - Call back to customers who visit the web site and wish to speak with a live operator at a later time

• Interactive Voice Response -  Timberline enables call centers to automate routine inbound telemarketing call tasks without human intervention

• Custom IVR - Timberline has the ability to build custom IVR applications including speech recognition, text to speech, database interactivity, and outbound campaigns