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Program Management and Implementation


At Timberline, we have established best practices in QUALITY program management and implementation. We believe the key to a successful partnership is built around good communication with our partners. Therefore, we provide dedicated support to each of our clients through our highly experienced Account Management team. The Account Management team acts as the day-to-day liaison with our clients and is responsible for coordinating every aspect of the program, from implementation and start-up, to completion of the campaign. Specifically, the Account Management team coordinates:


Implementation Process - Timberline customizes the implementation plan to meet the specific needs of the client program. Tasks within the implementation plan touch on every aspect of a program from human resources and training, to the technology required to get a program up and running.


Program Ramp Process - Similar to the implementation of a new program, Timberline also has an established process to meet a client's requirements when they decide to ramp the volume of an existing program. This process may incorporate the addition of a new call center if necessary.


Client Updates and Program Changes - Each Account Manager works with their client to establish the day-to-day channels of communication. Together it's determined how, on a daily basis, and over the life of the program, issues or changes to the program is communicated and handled.


Client Satisfaction - Reviews are consistently being done on our clients' program(s) to ensure that Timberline is meeting the objectives set forth in the Statement of Work. Based on these reviews, we continue to re-enforce what has been working to make the program successful, or actions are taken regarding any issues to ensure that we continue to meet, if not exceed, the client's expectations.


From pre-planning and the implementation of a program, to analysis of reports and program metrics, a client's Account Manager is fully engaged and serves as your advocate throughout the entire Timberline organization.