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Quality Management


Continuous process improvement is a never-ending process for the Quality Assurance Professionals at Timberline. The QA process has been designed to not only improve the quality and effectiveness of the call center agents, but also to increase the quality and efficiency of the overall operations within the call center itself. These improvements include more comprehensive and effective agent training, streamlined processes, and reduced client costs. Quality Management at Timberline is the cumulative result of the following processes:


Quality Control Process - Timberline works with our clients in determining all production and quality goals. These goals are met through a defined process managed by both quality and operations personnel.


Monitoring - Timberline offers a variety of monitoring services, such as Side-by-Side monitoring, and Record and Review. These monitoring procedures have been found to be extremely productive in gathering and providing feedback to our clients and agents regarding performance, productivity, attendance, adherence to schedule, and several other factors that ultimately dictate end results. Timberline's software Noble Systems  allows for 100% digital voice recording where all stations can record simultaneously, providing an excellent tool for training and agent evaluation. The system can also digitally record client/participant conversations for security and verification purposes.


Agent Evaluations - The overall development of our agents is important to their personal growth, their contribution on each program, and their ability to be promoted within the organization. Evaluations are performed and presented to the agents on a regular basis as a tool in their ongoing development within Timberline.


Furthermore, Timberline encourages our clients to monitor their programs whenever they can. Conversations can be monitored both locally and remotely with the ability to break into the conversations if necessary. This feature not only ensures quality control, but can also be a powerful tool when training the fundamentals to new agents. Monitoring can be done at any point during the program in a conference call setting.


Timberline's commitment to the quality process helps to increase customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness within the call center, and ultimately reduces your costs while enhancing your brand's image.