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Hiring Procedures – Obtaining and Utilizing The Best Talent


Timberline understands the value and impact our agents have on the success of a client's customer care and/or sales acquisition program. Therefore, we have put in place effective and proven processes to hire, staff, and schedule quality agents to support our client programs. Due to the unique requirements of each client, Timberline evaluates each project to determine the appropriate type and skill level of agent required for the client's program and hires representatives accordingly.


When recruiting for the call center environment, we target places such as colleges, military bases, high schools, trade shows, and other locations to find energetic, confident and friendly people who will be successful in a customer care and/or sales oriented position. We also utilize a variety of recruiting tools including community colleges, temporary employment agencies, city job fairs, radio, TV and newspaper advertising, as well as the Internet.


Training Procedures – Customized To Achieve Client Objectives


Timberline's training is tailored to each particular client and their program(s). Our Training department develops and adapts training classes and materials so every agent has the skills necessary to do their jobs.


Effective training begins with the hiring of qualified trainers. Skill sets, past experience, and product knowledge are all part of the trainer selection process. Each member of the Training Staff is expected to meet internal Timberline certification requirements, as well as complete any client required Trainer Certification as needed. Trainers are also required to take a certain number of calls per month to maintain real time credibility and certification.


The next steps in the training process are the development or gathering of the training materials and training the agents. Within Timberline's contact center environment, the training and development process is highly customized for each client.


Training Development Process - Timberline works with each client on every program to determine their training needs and establish a training program that will provide agents with the information they need to effectively work with a client's customers

Training Classes - once training requirements have been established, Timberline provides both initial program training, as well as ongoing training on program and script changes


Timberline uses adult learning methodologies which emphasize product and skill development through practical application, simulations and skill building activities that are woven throughout the curriculum. Within the classroom and lab environment, employees learn about the client background and basic job functions. Simulations give the agents the opportunity to practice in a realistic and safe environment.


Assessments throughout the training provide a clear picture of progress toward the client's key indicators. Live practice gives the employee the ability to experience customer interaction and ask questions. A final assessment allows for the instructor to pull the analysis together in a written format to test skill set and product knowledge. The written test is often reinforced by test calls to determine verbal customer service and technical skills.


On-Going Training


Ongoing developmental training is initiated based on the following:


• A needs assessment generated by operational management as an area of opportunity for improvement

• A major change in product information and/or process/procedures

• Refreshment/Reinforcement


Depending on the complexity of the changes, Timberline uses a variety of methods to train agents on script/product changes, including pre-shift training, supplemental training classes, and one on one training.